Body Centered Psychotherapy

Massage Counseling

Body Work and Emotional Processing

Memory and emotional trauma are stored in the body at a muscular level. Build up of stored emotion develops into areas of chronic tension and pain. As muscular tension is released often, so are the emotions stored there. Our attitudes about ourselves and our expectations of how the world will treat us are reflected in our bodies. It determines the way we hold ourselves posturally and the way in which we move and use our bodies. Body language tells us how our belief’s attitudes, fears and expectations are patterned in our body. Massage can activate memories stored in the muscular tissue, re-stimulating past emotional trauma. Once massage is complete the client is ready to release through Gestalt therapy , interactive dialoguing or Expressive Arts. Using these techniques the client can talk to the areas causing the pain ( Access and Release), transform and visualize a new image.

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