Healing and Wellness

What is healing?

The root word of healing is hale, or “to make whole”. Healing may or may not apply to what is commonly labeled as physical health. In many traditional cultures a person may be considered “healed “ who has died peacefully or with unusual mental or spiritual insights. It is believed that the purpose of healing is not just to return a body or mind back to what society considerers normal. Rather the goal is to become, more enlightened, or stronger than before the problem existed. Healing facilitates movement toward wholeness, mind -body and spirit.

Healing is:

  • a lifelong journey into wholeness
  • seeks harmony and balance in your own life, family, community and global relations
  • an instance of transcendence- above and beyond the self
  • embracing what is most feared
  • opening what has been closed, softening what has been hardened
  • creativity, passion and love
  • seeking and expressing self in its fullness, its light and shadow, its male and female
  • remembering what has been forgotten about connection, and unity, and interdependence among all things living and non living
  • learning to trust life (Achterberg)
  • touch

~ we are all healers- we have the ability to heal ourselves ~

Sometimes we need a little help along the way-

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