Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual Guidance

The wind doth blow where it wills, no one knows from wence it came or wither it goes so it is with those of the spirit. John 3:8

The body and mind are not complete without the spirit. Inquiry into our individual spiritual or soulful nature is a profound and enriching exploration. To take a look at our own personal journey’s enables us to open and deepen us allowing us to become better professionals as well as human beings. We will explore the meaning of our lives as we define it and invite the mystery of spirit to enter the realm of our understanding.

Spirit in a therapeutic setting:

  • the practice of presence
  • the experience of mediation or prayer
  • the teaching of sacredness
  • honoring of the light in each other
  • Carl Jungs’s concept of the shadow and dreamwork
  • Transpersonal levels of awareness and how to access them through imagery
  • What are our spiritual dimensions of self and energy?

All views are honored and accepted.

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