Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation Treatment

A Weeks Vacation in an Hour

This treatment will perk you up while at the same time encouraging you to go deeper into your own individual healing process. This is a natural face lift which will help you release negative memories and tension we all carry especially those held in our face. The relaxation does not end there. I also work the 12 nerve centers on the head that correspond with the nerve centers throughout the entire body thus relaxing the entire body.

I start with a mini facial including essential oils, hot towels, cleansing, exfoliation and a facial mask. This will strip off dead skin cells, nourish the skin on a cellular level, and leave your skin soft and toned.

The facial massage will realign and tone the facial muscles into a stress-free, youthful pattern that allows the bodies musculature to realign.

There will be a release of energy and emotions that hold the facial muscles and reflexively the bodies organs and energy system in contraction.

To finish I will be applying Soul Synergy lotion made with pure essential oil. This body lotion hydrates, softens, revitalizes, has tonic action and stimulates the skin.

You will leave with a deep renewal of the entire “Mind, Body, and Spirit”.

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